Why uLEAD Exists

At uLEAD, developing people’s knowledge and practice of servant leadership is the reason we exist. Our desire is to infuse love, grace, and servant leadership into every relationship. 

We strive to bring out the goodness and gifts in every person, every team, and every organization we serve. uLEAD invites everyone to join a revolution of servant leaders who are positive social deviants within their sphere of influence.

Through relationships, programs, trainings, and resources, uLEAD seeks to fundamentally redefine leadership for individuals and teams. The experiences created are designed to engage the whole person. In doing so, we embrace methods that challenge assumptions, stretch comfort zones, invite playful creativity, and empower individuals and groups to make a difference in their world. 

Our approach is to invite people into an experience in which they are actively engaged in the process. This approach for developing leadership, fostering growth and inspiring change, opens space for people to create their own meaning in life.  Through this process uLEAD empowers participants to become who they are as a person, a student, a teacher, a coworker, a parent, and more.

We use a huge variety of resources to meet client needs, and at the end of the day we hold the belief that YOU - who you are, where you come from, and where you are going, are the greatest source and potential for positive change in this world.

What is Leadership3?

Leadership3™ is the foundation to uLEAD’s unique leadership experiences. Combining best practices of strength-based and experiential education, multiple learning styles, and spiritual formation (for faith-based groups), this model focuses on six core principles for leadership1, growth2, and change3.

Leadership3™ is best illustrated by the metaphor of a tree. When considering the parts of a tree (roots, trunk, and branches), leadership, growth, and change interact with each other as follows….

Branches = CHANGE
The branches are the means for gathering outside influences and turning them into nutrients that feed one’s belief system leading to lasting change. Continual pruning of these principles allows for more growth and for individuals to be shaped as they journey through life’s experiences. 

Trunk = GROWTH
The trunk of a tree is the part that connects the leafy crown with its roots both providing support and an avenue for nutrients to achieve growth. The six core principles of Leadership3™ provide the central source of nourishment to the growth process. 

Root System = LEADERSHIP
Underneath it all, each individual has beliefs that guide and direct thoughts decisions, and actions for leadership. These beliefs are wrapped up in faith systems, values, and worldviews that anchor, support, and direct key life processes.


Our Six Core Principles

(working from the inside out!)
  • DESIGN: Every person has a unique and valuable design and life purpose that must be discovered.
  • COMPETENCE: Belief in your potential is vital to success in life.
  • SKILLS: When skills and abilities are combined with self-sacrificing love, there is a chance for real and lasting change. 
  • COMMUNITY: Every person has a deep and sacred need to be in relationship with God and others. 
  • BALANCE: Wise choices and planning will determine your future today.
  • VISION: To believe in, pursue, and share your dreams is to discover your purpose and become fully alive. 
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