Through the Eyes of the Intern Post 3

Collaboration, it is something I have come to appreciate more deeply during my time with uLEAD. This has become evident during the different activities we have explored, where each staff member’s voice and opinion are valued.

While going through a personality assessment, we explored each person’s strengths and preferred modes of communication associated with their personality. This has been extremely helpful, as I have collaborated with all different staff members. It has shown me that to truly form a strong team we have to know everyone beyond the work they do. We have to understand everyone’s personality allowing our team to work smoothly with each other even though we each have a different personality make up.

uLEAD recently moved to Goshen, which forced us to focus on how to develop the BEST collaborative creative space. This is key for the uLEAD office as it helps us design creative and impactful leadership programs. For example, we now have beautiful big windows that look out on Goshen’s Main Street, we don’t just use them as windows, but as glass to write on with dry erase markers as we discuss our programs. A fun and exciting atmosphere happens in the office as we use the space this way. Another unique aspect to the new space is there is only one “office” separated from the entire room. This open space allows us to use our imagination in an arena that is inviting and screams uLEAD!!!  

I have been blessed to work for an organization that is focused on developing values and skills for servant leadership. During my internship I have read and discussed many times what servant leadership is and how we convey it. This has been incredibly interesting. I found it very interesting that in “The Servant as a Leader” by Robert Greenleaf, he talks about the key to servant leadership is to be a servant first and then lead out of this identity. This does not come naturally and can stretch one to take on a role they are not used to. The results are incredible when you flip your perspective. It develops an attitude that the leader is not the loudest voice, but instead listens in order to serve, and then leads out of that understanding.

Collaboration is key to a successful and impactful team. It is through values, and skills that we become stronger and better teams. As the saying goes there is no “I” in TEAM, therefore it is a group effort that gives us the best results. A group with the best values and skills will prove to be the most impactful.