Through the Eyes of the Intern Post 2: Secret Sauce

The secret sauce to facilitation is not intentionally classified. It is a secret because to know the perfect ingredients you have to experience facilitation. The sauce is one of those not written down, rather it is adjusted to create the perfect taste for each particular audience. Exploration and engagement are essential in the creation of each individual's secret sauce.

My first program as a facilitator was for the LEARN Resource Center in New Haven. It was great to be part of the program and see it through the eyes of a facilitator. Watching the reactions and growth of the participants was one of the best parts of the day. We focused a great deal of our timeon the True Colors Personality Assessment. During this time we were able to help participants better understand who they are and how to work well with their group.  It was extremely interesting to watch as participants began to understand each person has and their unique personality that creates different perspectives.

My favorite activity to watch was “Ideally Working." This is when participates have to focus on using their weakest color from the assessment. During this activity everyone split up into groups based on their weakest color from True Colors Assessment. Then, they had to collaborate as a group and make a poster based on what would be appealing to that color. This activity truly stretches all participants out of their comfort zone and into the growth zone as they have to dig into their weakest color. In this activity participants were able to place themselves in other's shoes and could understand what another person might need when working together.

The experience in New Haven allowed me to understand the role of a facilitator more clearly. It gave me the chance to understand the process and background work it takes to create a strong program that is focused on developing values and skills for servant leadership. This day gave me a taste of the secret sauce of facilitation and I am excited to begin developing my own unique taste!