Through the eyes of the Intern Week 1

It was unlike any other first week ever, in the BEST way possible. In life you hear, “Do what you love, love what you do.” This speaks volumes. It is not only reflective in the choices you make, but in the work environment you choose, the team members you work with, and the culture you create. I have experienced joy, excitement, and laughter throughout this first week of my internship.

My first day at uLEAD was rather unusual. I was not sitting in an office chair, but was perched high up on a ropes course, becoming a certified instructor. This explains the awesomeness of this job. They believe in true engaging experiences that will heighten my education of high ropes. I was encouraged to move out of my comfort zone and into the growth zone. This speaks to the work uLEAD does every day. They encourage participants and co-workers to venture into the areas of growth.

The energy from this day didn’t stop once we were back in the office. It was quickly evident that uLEAD practices what they sell. It is not a show they put on for their clients, rather it is authentic. Once in the office we took time to understand each other better and who we truly are through True Colors. True Colors is a personality assessment that correlates with four colors and allows coworkers to more easily appreciate one another. This created a strong foundation for our uLEAD family and helped us understand how best to work together. Along with getting to know each other, we also got to see some pretty awesome dance moves from everyone (ask Ritch about his strut). This positive energy doesn’t stop.

Another exciting day in the work place included a trip to Scoops, ice cream shop in Milford. We stopped working to get ice-cream? NO! Instead we did some brainstorming and solution creation allowing the ice cream to sweeten our brains and get the wheels turning. During this time of ice cream ideation, we were able to establish next steps of a project while having fun. Yes, you can have fun at work!!

One of the greatest lessons I have learned so far is that if you create an environment of encouragement and passion everyone feels comfortable to voice their ideas. The common phrase “no idea is a bad idea”, is easy to say, however, instinctively we are often nervous to say an idea if we feel it will get shot down.

This launches into the next greatest day when we worked on renaming products and fine tuning our mission. We began with a quick, fun activity to get our brains working creatively. As we talked and brainstormed,  we would mix it up by taking a walk around the block or sitting outside. The ability to have fun while doing work is vital and has become clear through the work I have done with uLEAD.

In the first week of my internship I have learned many exciting things. One is that the culture created in an office can determine the team’s performance, attitude among team members, and so much more. The culture brings value to the office and to all people on the team. Another learning point is that positive energy in the office encourages work towards the next greatest thing! Lastly, but most importantly, “Do what you love and love what you do”!!!!! I have seen this first hand through the team members at uLEAD. I can’t emphasize this enough, it brings value to the company, team members and the clients they serve. This was just my first week, I can’t wait to see what’s next.