It's a Frame Changer, Folks

Two brand new workshops and the debut of our newest meaning-making tool, the Frame Changer (more on this later), made for a very exciting 2017 Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning for us.

We began with record-setting attendance for the first of 3 uLEAD’s three workshops offered during the course of the conference. Over 70 youth workers attended “Low-cost, No-cost: Activities for Interactive Awesomeness!” After finally needing to close the doors, what followed was a 75-minute whirlwind of fun, engagement, and exploration. As a group we unpacked a variety of ways to have an impact on students and staff with just paracord, webbing, and paper. If you are intrigued, give Micah a call to talk about a train-the-trainer for your staff on this topic.

Later that day, we kicked off our second workshop, “Applying What Works to Helping Students Succeed.” A buzz in the room as people wrestled with the some tough questions. This group had a passion for engaging with students in ways that foster success. We were encouraged by the conversations of teachers and youth workers as they explored a deeper understanding of how to break through common barriers. We had a great time mixing an in-depth look at the relevant research with experiential tools that can have an immediate impact on the environment they seek to create!

We wrapped up our conference with Round. 2 of “Low-cost, No-cost: Activities for Interactive Awesomeness.” Although we were in a smaller room we hosted another energetic group of attendees who were excited to jump in and engage with us as we explored using various low-cost tools to impact youth.

When we weren’t engaging with our peers in one of our workshops you could find us at our booth in the exhibit hall. Here’s where the Frame Changer, our newest portable low ropes element, came into play. People began to smile and their eyes reflected their curiosity as they turned the corner to the sounds of music and the large structure in front of them. Take a look at the pictures and watch the video of the adventurous souls that took on the challenge before them! The frame changer isn’t as easy as it first look. Yet, it is a fabulous way for your team to get at ideas of communication, clarity, and trust as they work at changing their frame of reference.

Driving out of Indy on Tuesday afternoon, we were equal parts exhausted and energized. We had given our all to those who do the same on daily basis as they serve the youth of Indiana. It was a joy to share the same space with such inspirational people whom we have the honor of serving! See you again soon!