The Strength in Differences

On a gloomy, rain-soaked spring day, the attitude inside our conference room was anything but. Laughter and conversation kept the drab weather at bay, even for just a few hours as we met together. We had the privilege of working with nearly 25 Elkhart CAPS Supervisors where we utilized the True Colors personality tool in unpacking the uniqueness of each individual leader. 

Stories and dishes were shared over a delicious, pot-luck styled breakfast. Lively discussion followed as we formed bonds using uLEAD cards. We used these to move around to ask and answer great questions. The more “formal” True Colors experience that followed was a time filled with deep thoughts, conversations, and revelations. Each person was encouraged to not only come to a deeper understanding of their own personality temperament and color spectrum but also to think about those of the teams they serve. 

A highlight of the day came when the groups were tasked with identifying the strengths, joys, and values of each primary color group. From this conversation and the “sharing of knowledge tour” that came afterward, the leaders were challenged to realize that deeper understanding brings a responsibility to honor the needs and talents of those in the room and on their respective teams. Many times, the traits of others that come across as a clear weakness, can, through a simple shift in perspective be seen as an important gift not to be missed. To paraphrase one participant from today’s training, “I wonder how often we are missing or are not utilizing the gifts this person brings because of their different perspective?”

That is a great reminder to everyone who finds themselves on a team. When you find someone difficult to deal with at work or in your personal life, can you choose to see their perspective and skills as a gift rather than a curse? 

This is just the beginning of four sessions we have the joy of spending with this group in 2017. We can’t wait to see what happens next!