What is happening under your waves?

Last week I was in Oregon visiting family with my husband. It was a wonderful break and nice to get away from this "mid-west" winter. Upon return, I couldn't help but notice how entirly opposite the landscape was from my vacation spot. Instead of lush green, I saw brown ice tinged grass. Instead of flowers popping up EVERYWHERE, I saw flat ground. Instead of trees in full bloom of pinks, whites and reds, I saw twigs without any hint of green growth. I was really caught off guard by the stark difference of the two lands. I realised how normal this wintered environment had become to me. So much so, that I wasn't even anticipating what spring might look like when it would finally come. 

So was my contentedness a good thing or a bad thing?
Should we alwasy be aware of the future? 
Is it OK to let each day unfold without expectation for what you think it should produce? 

There is a fine line between ignorance and acceptance. Being able to accept that change is happening even when you can't "see" it is a quality we should all strive for. This acceptance is like watching the ocean. The tide comes in and goes out naturally and yet it seems only as if the water ever comes and goes to the same spot when you are watching it. Yet more is happening than we can tell as the waves crash towards the shore. 
How much more is happening than you realize as the waves of life crash towards you? 

To me this is a reminder to love today for the changes that are happening around me. The changes I can see and the changes I accept are happening with the sway of the waves. 

- The Oregon Coast