Do you know you?

Who are you? Lately we have gotten a lot of questions about who we are at uLEAD and what we do? It seems as if for most people what you do defines who you are. And for others, who you are defines what you do. Are these two distinctions the same? Should they be the same? To add another question in there, we can ask why do you do what you do, or why are you who you are? 

You can imagine we might be struggling to figure out how to best communicate this to others. Especially since our experiential language is not widely known to all those we serve. And then we ask the question, if we make our verbiage more mainstream, does that set us apart enough to really say who we are/what we do and the why? And we have arrived full circle. :)
If you have thoughts for us on how to do this, we would love to hear!

For now, let's take this to a more personal level though for you readers.  One thing every individual can do is answer these questions for yourself. 
1. Who are you?
2. What do you do?
3. Why?

How would you answer these questions for yourself? Can you answer them in a concise way without handing out essays to every person you meet?  Should these answers be connected or differentiated? How do you make yourself appear as different and unique as you feel? And on top of it all, the answers to these questions continue to evolve with new experinces, learnings, understandings, travel and all the other things life throws our direction. How do you keep up and grow as an individual while still being true to who you are?

These questions are not easy to answer, unless they are? There is a balance that we can all find. And yet that balance is on a delicate scale, and every day it may tip one direction or the other. The important thing is to decide what your core values are and operate from those. The rest will fall into place and as you experince new challenges, and who you are at your core will carry you through. 

Our design principle at uLEAD says that "every person has a unique and valuable design and life purpose that must be discovered." Enjoy the journey to discovering this for yourself and being a part of others' journeys as well.