"Ice, Ice, Baby"...

With the extremeness of the weather this winter, I have had some experiences that growing up in Phoenix, AZ, were new to me. Among, entire walk ways covered in ice, high heating bills, nostril hairs freezing and more, driving has been the newest challenge for me this year. Twice this past winter while driving, my car has done a 180 and ended up in the other lane facing the opposite direction. Once was on slushy snow and the other was on a 30 foot section of ice that was at least 5-6 inches thick. Neither time was I going majorly fast and thankfully no accidents occurred because of it, nor was my car "injured". 

What I noticed was how quickly I was willing to switch directions and step on the gas in the opposite direction, until I could pull over and turn around to where I was going. Now maybe it had to do with the traffic that was headed my way, and yet I like to think that I am fairly good at being flexible. 

When you are on the "leadership road", what is your response when something unexpectedly flips you around and throws you, out of control, in the other direction? Do you fight it? Do you go with it? What should you do? 

When my car was spun around, there was a moment where I wanted to just stop and get out so that would not happen again. When I stepped on the gas however, I felt more in control and more confident in getting to where I was headed...Even if it was a different route than expected. 

Recently I saw a quote that said, "What you allow is what will continue." If this is applied to the "leadership road", how do you do as a leader for those who are following you? Do you open space for people to try out different routes? Do you lead with confidence so that others will follow? Are you willing to risk, not being in control, so that you can be enlightened by the route that chooses you? 
While this is all happening, remember, don't loose sight of where you are headed.
Something to think about on this Tuesday as we predict more snow and now that you have the Vanilla Ice song stuck in your head... :)