Mind Over Matter

Recently I unwrapped a piece of Dove chocolate and on the wrapper it said, "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate". First of all the chocolate was delicious and rich, but so were the thoughts that this little sentiment inspired...

What I hear from the above statement, is that the mindset is even more important than the outcome and we have the power to change that. A common phrase that we at uLEAD throw around the office is, mind over matter. We often say it jokingly in order to challenge on another in different situations. And yet this little statement has more power behind it than we may give it credit. Mind over matter, like the statement on the Dove wrapper, both get at this idea that no matter what your reality may be, you can and will overcome your reality with the right mindset.

So if you have not gotten enough cliche phrases from his blog, then let me put out another one. Fake it till you make it. Is this phrase advising you to be fake, inauthentic or even a liar!? I don't think so. Fake it till you can make it, or rather till you become it, is all about fooling your mindset when it is inhibiting you from doing or being something that you want.

Like the chocolate wrapper and the mind over matter mantra, fake it till you make it is all about a mindset. When you choose your mindset, you are a part of choosing how your life works out. Don't wait for things to happen to you. Make them happen. Not just through events, but through your mindset. If you change your mindset about every little thing that happens in your day, what would your life look like?! Think about it...

Check out this video on how your body language or posture can also help change your mindset and your life: