How to "Calm Your Soul" in 2014

We have the privilege of living next to a river, which enhances the changes of the seasons. Though Fall is my favorite season, a recent winter morning stopped me in my tracks. With the sun rising, steam escaping from the water, and river banks bracketed with snow, I was drawn into my back yard.

There I stood, in silence, caught up in the beauty of the moment. The picture I took could never do justice to the immaculate details - sights, sounds, smells - of nature.

We often begin processing experiences, as facilitators, with the question; "What did you notice?" This question opens space for people to think, breathe, and feel what is around them. It helps us to unhook from the distractions and demands that constantly beg for our attention.

The poet in the Psalms once wrote; "I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; my soul is like a weaned child that is with me."

One of my hopes for the new year is to keep perspective in the busyness that comes with living and managing life. Perhaps this hope has something to do with quieting my soul, which can be as simple as stopping to notice beauty. I hope you take the opportunity to see and experience the beauty around you in 2014.