"What did we do to deserve this?"

As I was returning my rental car a person in front of me said, "What did we do to deserve this?" He was referring to the hard winter (snow, ice, bitter cold) we (and a large swath of the nation) were experiencing.

The crazy thing is, the day before, if but for a meeting in Chicago being postponed several hours, I would have been on Interstate 94 near Michigan City in the middle of a chain reaction accident that left 3 people dead and put dozen's in the hospital. It made me think, "What did I do to deserve this?"

Sometimes life wakes us up to consider things from the opposite perspective. The reality is, none of us are "owed" anything when it comes to immunity from threats and difficulties in life. And its yet another thing to consider the blessings and grace that come to us that we also don't deserve.

To live with the perspective that "all of life is gift" is to walk out of your door each day with a sense of thankfulness that you are drawing breath. Perhaps its with this attitude that we can choose to bless others in ways that, though they don't deserve it, helps them to embrace the sacredness of their existence and extend grace to others.