Sardine style leadership

I am currently sitting on an airplane in the middle seat, and the person sitting in font of me has decided to lay their seat all the way back and isn't even sleeping! Fabulous. Have you ever been in that situation? Crowded by people you don't know, uncomfortable in a seat thousands have sat on, smelling the stale air flow of the plane?

I found myself wanting to be annoyed at the lack of leg room that I have for the next three hours, and the more negative I got, the more I began to think about the mindset that I was taking on... In most situations I try to stay postitive and that typically helps. However, sometimes I think I want to just be annoyed or frustrated, for whatever reason. 

So what does this have to do with Servant Leadership? Good questions. One thing I know is that when you make servant leadership a lifestyle, it's not an easy task. Think about how many times in life you have been squished in the middle, have had no leg room, or it's just really annoying and frankly uncomfortable. When did those moments hapen? Why did they happen? How did you do with keeping the mindset of a Servant Leader?

Our challenge then is to hold onto that Servant Leadership mindset even when we are in those uncomofortable situations in both physical and emotional proximity.

If I am taking my own advice, here are my next steps:

1. Stop glaring at the back of the head of the person in front of me. What is that going to solve?!
2. Make friends with those sitting next to me. I might as well use the time that we are obligated to be with each other, and see what I can learn about people in the world.
3. View the situation thorugh a lense of greatfulness for all that has not gone wrong today, or this week, or this year. 
4. Take a deep breath, and relax in this opportunity to just sit and be alive.

As the positive and negative stresses of the end of the year celebrations begin, I pray that you will find a way to maintain your Servant Leadership mindset with any situation you find yourself in. It probably won't be easy, and it will be well worth the effort. The other good news is you can always start over with a fresh mindset if you choose to. I'm going to do that now. :) 

Thanks for reading, 

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