Success - When Every Second Counts!

The November 3rd Denver Post ran a story called "One Step Ahead - The Broncos have a lot of wealth to share in their prolific passing game. In the article, which extols the talents of Peyton Manning and the Bronco's receivers, it points out that an NFL football game lasts about 3 hours. The vast percentage of this time, however, is filler. This is the time between plays - replay challenges, halftime, timeouts, huddles, etc.

In the game the Broncos played the previous Sunday against the Washington Redskins, Manning dropped back to pass on 46 of 82 plays. Since he has the shortest release time of NFL quarterbacks (average of 2.36 seconds) this means that the game was essentially won (on the offensive end) in one minute and 44 seconds.

This begs the question: Though leadership cannot be reduced to best practices as defined on the football field, isn't it true that vital seconds pass every day that have the power to make or break our impact as leaders? Peyton Manning is considered by many to the a mastermind of the game of football because of the vast amount of preparation that prepares him for the split second decisions required to be successful during the game.

As I reflect on my own leadership practices, successful decisions have most often come when fearlessness, intuition, and preparation all come together. Robert Greenleaf defined the "Eternal Now" as having a sacred view of time where a leader has heightened awareness - where past, present, and future are all valued in the course of decision-making. Perhaps living in the moment takes on a new meaning for the leader who sees every second as an opportunity for success?