Freedom to Choose

Some days you wake up and you just don't want to be awake.  It's too cold to get out of bed, it's gray and dreary outside, and staying in bed all day would feel so much more manageable than getting up and putting forth any effort at all. That was me this morning. I am typically a very positive person in the mornings (ok actually all day), so this was quite a change in my attitude as I drug myself around the house getting ready to drive to the uLEAD world headquarters, and it made me think...

It took me awhile to realize this, but my dreams from last night actually were a crucial part of my attitude turnaround today. At one point in my dream state last night, I was working with some people I knew somehow, and I was facilitating an experience for them. I distinctly remember saying something along the lines of this; Having a servant leader mindset, is something you have to work at and choose each day, and so it is a very difficult thing.

WOW. There is nothing quite like taking your own "great" advice...or realizing you need it! Dreams are a fascinating concept and always bring up questions for me like, did my subconscious somehow know that I needed to remind  myself of some import things in life today? Or was it just coincidence? 
I am not a **dreamologist so I can not give any answers, but what I do know, is that even people who live their life with the mindset of a servant leader sometimes have bad days and get worn out. After all, we are just human. And because we are just human, we have a choice. We can choose each day how we will live, think, inspire, influence, connect, relate, learn, work and play. One of the best things God did for us in this life, was to give us the freedom to choose. God, doesn't come down to earth and demand that we do specific things. It's not that God does not care, it is that God wants us to choose to care.  We think of supernatural beings, such as angels or "super heroes", as honorable because they aren't "human." And yet as humans, God has given us the most honorable status; The freedom to choose.

Whether you believe in a servant leadership mindset based on principle, faith traditions, spirituality, morals etc., it comes down to the fact that you choose to live like that. No one forces you to choose, or not choose that lifestyle. It is not something like a car that is always there and is concrete in it's form no matter what you do in a day... Choosing to live with the mindset of a servant leader is a dynamic and situational process composed of many pieces that take your consistent attention and energy.

I am grateful for the freedom to choose many things in this life and to choose how my life influences others. 

One small choice each day can be so big. Think about it.  

What are you choosing today?


**Dreamologist: One who studies dreams (definition by Betsy)