Looking for Clarity?

The world of uLEAD has been exploding with new business, new employees, new programs, new processes and more! Since our Leadership model is built after a tree, I feel it is only perfect that, the best way to explain our organization right now is to picture a Fall tree. A tree who's leaves are at least 3 different colors as they change in this chilly Fall weather.

If I asked you to tell me what color the tree in this picture is, what would your answer be? Would you know what to say? Aren't trees green? Is this even a tree!??!

Though our days may seem a bit confusing and varied, there is something awe-inspiring about the new potential that is emerging at uLEAD.

It is confusing, strange and incredibly beautiful in all its chaos, just as it is in the multi-colored leaves of a tree. Often I look at a tree like the one in the picture and I think, "how in the world is this possible?"

It is indeed a mystery and though it's not something I need to be able to explain, as a servant leader, I should be searching for what it means and what is to come next.

Sipe and Frick in their book, The Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, say that pillar five is about Foresight. They begin to explain foresight using the following: "A Servant-Leader imagines possibilities, anticipates the future, and proceeds with a clarity of purpose.

A servant leader, no mater how overwhelmed by the intensity and beauty of the chaos, imagines, anticipates and proceeds with purpose through it all. How are you doing with foresight in your life? In your work? In your schooling?  As a servant leader it is important that you proceed through the changing and dormant times of your life, with clarity of purpose.  If you don't feel you have that today, take some time and rest. Find a place where you can focus, meditate, or pray on the possibilities of the future and find clarity of your purpose. Don't forget to share these with your friends, family, co-workers etc. Are they not the leaves on your tree?  Keep your team in the loop and embrace the strange and wonderful.