The Power of Reverence

My travels this week took me to Arizona, and I was able to go a day early to "take in" the Grand Canyon. I always heard stories from people who saw it for the first time, and they usually ended with, "Word's can't describe it! You just have to see it."

As I approached the south rim something came over me that I can only describe as reverence. I actually felt like I needed to sit down, which I did near the edge where there was a natural rock seat, which was preferable to plunging over. Sitting there gazing across rock that told stories across millions of years induced a kind of reality check in my soul I had never experienced. I think i could have sat there for the rest of the day had I not a schedule to keep.

In the end, it was the Grand Canyon that "took me in." And it inquired of me, "Why are you so busy?" "Why don't you take more time in life to stop, look, and listen to all that is beautiful around you?" Reverence for beauty and life cannot be scheduled in Google calendar. It requires something more precious than money. Time. Reverence teaches us how to rediscover gratitude, wonder, and awe. And these are life-giving attributes I can simple not live without.