The power of roots

Today our staff took the afternoon to work on landscaping around our office. It had been about 7 months since we pulled and whacked weeds. None of us were prepared for the jungle-like infestation of weeds that were growing out of everywhere - earth, sidewalks, asphalt, you name it! I'm pretty sure there were weeds growing out of weeds. There was one particular voracious stalk, about as tall as an adolescent T-Rex, that required excavation of it's root system. The only digging tool I had was the pitch fork I planned to use to spread mulch. It broke my pitch fork.

As we sweated and groaned under the summer afternoon sun, we recognized that the power and resiliency of weeds lie in their root systems. It's the only way they thrive in hostile environments when flowers and other human plantings wilt or die.

Roots possess life-giving power, not only for weeds, but for human beings. Roots - beliefs, values, virtues, faith, family, friends, co-workers, and community. Roots are all those things that give us the power of resiliency to overcome the problems and challenges of life. Roots shelter our souls with a sense of groundedness in a chaotic and constantly changing world.

I invite you to stop for a moment today, as I have, from the busy world where you are often called upon to be a "human doing" rather than a human being, to slow down long enough to ask a few simple questions:
Who or what are the roots in my life?"
Who or what am I a root for?
Which roots need tending to?
Which weeds need to be torn out?

When I reflect on roots today, it's not landscaping, but life-scaping that is most important. May we all remember today the power of roots.