Shopping for service?

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Among lots of celebrating, cook outs, enjoying the warm weather and remembering our history as a nation, there are tons of sales at stores. (And I love to shop!) My husband and I took advantage of these sales as we were collecting some big items for our new house. We went to about five places and found some great deals that we didn't expect! As we were driving home, I noted to my husband, how all the people who served us that day were extremely friendly. Not just friendly like they wanted to make a sale, friendly like they truly cared about our needs as people. Maybe it was because it was a holiday and everyone was in a good mood...Whatever the reason, it was nice to be treated with a servant leadership attitude.  All the people who helped us were connecting with us on a deeper level then as a sales representative. They were connecting with us as people. What a refreshing way to celebrate the 4th of July. It gives me hope to see others living a lifestyle of servant leadership (especially if they don't work for a not for profit organization that specializes in demonstrating servant leadership). I am grateful for our little while friends we met yesterday and their willingness and ability to put us first as people and be attentive to our needs, even if we were just looking for some good deals.  Though we were just looking for material items on sale yesterday, we ended up with a bonus... we were treated with respect, kindness and servant leadership. Thank you for that most wonderful and unexpected gift. Happy 4th of July and may we all continue to spread kindness and hope in this world.