Donuts + Attitude = Influential interactions

This morning I went to Dunkin' Donuts to pick up some donuts to share with my co-workers. So I go up to the counter and greet the young girl who is there to take my order. I start by saying "how are you this morning?" She responds with "i'm fine"... And then doesn't say thank you, or even ask how I am doing. This should have been my first clue that this girls was not having a great day.

Throughout the whole process he girl taking my order never made eye contact with me once. I mean she had to try pretty hard not to do so. When  I asked for some donuts that apparently were not in the "half dozen price", she just no you can't get those.  Well that is what I wanted. She told me I couldn't have those if I was getting a half dozen. So, I continued to pick from the less exciting side to get the half dozen price. Yet what I would prefer would be to pick whatever I wanted. I am not upset that she said no, however I am unsatisfied, because of the way I was treated. It was like she could not wait to get myself and other costumers out of there.

It doesn't make me want to go back there. The way we treat people sticks with them. I could choose to let that experience taint my attitude for the rest of the day. I am not going to today, but not everyone does and I have had that happen, where I have a frustrating encounter and then because of that i am upset or annoyed the rest of the day. It is so amazing how we can easily influence the lives of those around us. I am not talking about long term life changing impact, I am just talking on the day to day scale, how we treat people, whether we make eye contact or not, whether we smile or not. Treating others with respect is so simple is almost hard to believe that that's all it takes.

I don't think this girl was out to make my day difficult. Maybe she had a frustrating encounter that tainted her attitude from earlier this morning. I just tried to be patient and kind and smile... I also tried my best to stare her down and force her to make eye contact with me, but I will have to go back because my work is not finished there.

Round one in the forced eye contact games goes to her.
Watch out honey, i'll be back and friendlier than ever!