All of Life is Gift!

Have you ever been so focused or obsessed with a future goal or experience that you can't really enjoy what is happening in life right now?

I must confess that I am currently totally wrapped up in anticipation for a vacation which is now only three days away.  The problem is there is work and life to be lived in the next three days!  Deadlines.  Commitments.  Meetings.  Responsibilities.  And yes, relationships to attend to.

As I sit looking out my window at a flowing river this morning, I am reminded that there is a flow of life, just like the currant of the water, constantly moving and carrying with it a nourishing force.  Then the thought occurred to me, "What if my obsession with vacation now three days away takes me out of the flow of something wonderful, amazing, and life-nourishing in the next 72 hours?"  Wouldn't that be sad?

Sunshine.  The morning.  Flowing rivers.  Smiles.  Relationships.  Work. And yes, even meetings - all have the possibility of being life-giving.  And to get in the flow means living with the perspective that all of life is gift and it is so important that we live fully in each moment.

I am thankful for the joy of anticipation of vacation...and today I am reminded to not forget that life presents us with opportunities, moment by moment, to live with gratitude and expectancy.