LeaderJam Overview 


Leadership development; sharing power; caring for the needs of other; listening without judgment; authenticity; empathy; tactical planning and more. 


LeaderJam is a high energy, competitive experience focused on team-building & the development of leadership skills. Teams will be invited to “Jam” (as in a music jam session) by passionately engaging a variety of leadership challenges, activities, and initiatives while competing with other teams for points and prizes.  

Through a series of fun activities that require teams to communicate and work together using the unique gifts and personalities present.  Points will be awarded for passion, team interaction, completion of challenges, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase belief in potential by growing practical skills for leading and modeling.
  • Embracing diversity of gifts, strengthen communication, establish basis for commitment and working together.
  • Inspire a shared vision for all participants.
  • Grow awareness and confidence for leading authentically based on the uniqueness of each person. 

Character Development:

Team challenges help people to work together using problem solving techniques, being aware of the differences on their team and noticing how each person is needed.