How Do You Experience Summer?

What does your group do when you break for the summer? Do you stay on the same schedule? Change things up? Oftentimes groups that meet weekly, find that changing the routine for summer time is helpful to keep students engaged as well as helps with the busy schedules students have in the summertime. Whether you go on trips, develop your leadership team or plan parties for your teens, thinking about including meaningful experiences in your summer plans is key.

Maybe you have heard the term experiential education, or maybe you have not. Essentially, experiential education posits that purposefully engaging learners in direct experiences and focused reflection allows them to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values and develop a capacity to contribute to the community.  In other words creating an environment that provides the opportunity to experience activity that relates to a lesson often times leads to the most life-impact.

A local Church’s leadership program for college students recently had the opportunity to invest in an out of the classroom experience. They moved beyond the walls of their church and invested in experience together. Through low-ropes, high-ropes and meaningful conversations the student’s learned to trust in one another, to value one another’s leadership abilities and to rely on one another’s strengths and admit their own needs. The opportunity to grow this awareness only happened through personal experience.

Our world is full of distractions. When we have the chance to pull away from the norm, and experience challenges first hand, there is great opportunity for life impact. Whether you are looking for a way to incorporate experiences into your summer or looking for a way to prepare your group for an event or promote discussion afterward, uLEAD has many tools that can help you do this!