History of uLEAD

uLEAD was founded in 1999 as Oakwood Academy at Oakwood Park Resort, Syracuse, IN.  As a nonprofit leadership & life development organization, the original mission focused on transforming students through week-long intensive learning experiences.  These experiences were designed to grow competence, character, skills, spirituality, and leadership in order to increase the positive impact every person can have in their world.  

Like the personal development original program's were designed to address, Oakwood Academy's identity formation and growth led to an expansion of it's mission and programs from serving students to include adults, groups, and teams in schools, agencies, and corporations.  With this expansion, a new research and evidence-based training model-Leadership3 was developed in 2009.  The model, built upon the foundation of servant leadership, utilizes experiential pedagogy to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop personal and team capacity and effectiveness. 

Today uLEAD's staff and board are engaged in three vital initiatives

  1. Visioning, researching, and integrating philosophies, methods, and measurements that foster lasting change.
  2. Focusing, refining, and delivering trainings and programs that utilize experiences to enhance client skills and capabilities to more effectively deliver their mission.
  3. Developing, growing, and building organic connections with individuals and organizations who desire to be a part of a dynamic change movement of positive social deviants.