1.Who does uLEAD serve?
uLEAD is a faith based organization. We serve schools, agencies, corporate groups, churches. As an organization, some of those clients identify as faith based and some of them do not.  We believe that the principles of LEADERSHIP3 can be applied to people across religious affiliation, age, culture, etc. 

2.Why uLEAD?
uLEAD provides a unique training experience, specific to the needs of each client. Your participants will be more engaged with us then their favorite movie. Through movement, research, challenges, reflection and discovery, we will help your group grow into the most effective group they can be. At uLEAD we recognize that there are multiple learning styles, personality temperaments and dynamics in a group unique to the make up of those involved. We consider all these areas when planning and delivering a training and make it a priority to stay up on the current research and knowledge behind these areas. It is pertinent to us that your group feels respected, valued and that they can take something from our training, to immediately apply it to their life. 

3.What process can I expect?
uLEAD will work with you to obtain the best and most practical outcomes for your group. As a part of the co-creative process, you will be invited into conversations with uLEAD staff about the ins and outs of your group. We will do the research needed to be current with who you are as a group and the issues to be addressed (ex: communication). After the delivery of the training, uLEAD will send out follow up material, questions, activities for you to continue working on as a group. We will ask for your feed back as we take critique and affirmation seriously. 

4.Do you come to me?
uLEAD will come to you, or you can come to uLEAD. We have lodging options available at Quaker Haven Camp, and space for all kinds of activities. Contact us to let us know more about your group and the needs, so that we can help determine what would work best. 

5.Can I reuse what I have learned?
uLEAD allows you to continue applying the principles that you have learned in  your trainings with us. We want you to start, or continue, living like a servant leader. As far as activities, you may continue to use them with your group. You may not say it is uLEAD’s unless you have gone through our Leadership3 facilitation course.