Blind Pictionary

Pair off and have partners sit back to back. Give each person one card. Make sure they do not show the full color image to their partner.

Choose one person to describe their image while their partner draws the image. The person sharing is given 45 seconds to verbally describe as much detail about their picture as possible. During this time the person drawing tries to recreate the image as close as possible on a sheet of paper or notecard. When the time is up, switch the roles.

After each person has had a turn, reveal how well people did at recreating the images. What were the difficulties that showed up during the activity? What did people find helpful in descriptions? What was left out of the communication? How well do we do at being descriptive when presenting an idea, a vision, a goal, or a dream to those around us? What can we work on in our communication skills to match our images?

Has your group used this activity yet? Let us know how it turned out in the comments below!