uLEAD is a nonprofit committed to creating experiences for groups and individuals aimed at bringing about a servant leadership revolution. 

There are three essentials to leadership:
humility, clarity and courage.
— Fuchan Yuan
The Word on the Street...

"It was great for team building and trust among peers." - Chicago Youth Centers outreach worker

"The entire presentation was AWESOME!!!! (as always) Our counselors walked away with some new, inspiring, fun and educational games." - Riverside Family Center assistant manager

"I feel so empowered and inspired to make the changes I need to make in my life." - Youth Leadership United youth participant

"We found the small group team activities to be beneficial in developing a teamwork atmosphere within the team. It was interesting to watch certain players that we did not consider to be leaders, step to the front of the line, take control and lead their respective group in the activities." - Providence Hockey coach

"The training was set up to encourage interaction between people who are not familiar with each other. It helped the group get to know each other." - Theodore Roosevelt College & Career Academy teacher

"uLead is always a great experience!" - Indianapolis Parks park manager